Miniature Obsessions
We are passionate about miniature doll houses of all scales and accessories

The Miniature Obsessions club in Colorado Springs, Colorado, started in 1998 and is a group of six miniature enthusiasts who enjoy sharing ideas and experiences in creating dollhouses, room boxes, vignettes, dollhouse dolls, and in all scales – 1”, ½”, and ¼”.   We meet twice a month – the second and fourth Wednesdays.  We select one project a year to individually or as a group exhibit at the Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls, and Toys annual Fall show in Denver.  The remainder of the year, we work on individual projects. We have also exhibited our creations at various libraries and the Fine Arts Center within Colorado Springs.  For information, send a note to

We are an informal “open” club, and invite anyone interested in miniatures to visit and join with us.  We have nominal annual dues which, when accumulated sufficiently, help us towards obtaining an instructor in some miniature concept.  One such project was a two-story brownstone structure with “weathered” brick façade taught by Dave Nielsen at Norm’s Dollhouse in Denver.  See some of our photos in picture “galleries”.